Sesión Salsa: Gio & Jessica

Giovanni Navarrete.

Dancer and Salsa instructor, he has been living in Germany for more than 15 years. He has participated in different festivals at European level.

Hamburg Pink

Hamburg Pink.

Event that takes place each year in favor of the fight against cancer. The different dance disciplines are present. About 3 hours of continuous dancing.

Zumba Latinos

Zumba Party.

Zumba events are very frequent and every weekend you can find one in your city. In this opportunity we attended the Zumba Los Latinos Event.

Zumba: Fio & Henry Cedeño

Henry Cedeño.

One of the young exponents of Zumba in Miami visits Hamburg at this time for a three-hour show in the company of Fiorella Hermoza.

Zumba charity for Peru

Zumba for Perú.

2017 was a difficult year in Peru, marked by rainfall and major economic losses. For this reason, the revenues from this event were assigned to this cause.